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Masechet Shabbat, Eiruveen, Pesachim Koren Sacks edition.

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Talmud Fall 2017

Masechet Shabbat

  1. Shabbat 21b: What is Hanukkah all about, anyway?
  2. Shabbat 33b: Solitary confinement or solitary refinement?
  3. Shabbat 37-38: The perplexing plata
  4. Shabbat 43a and 46b: Davar she’eyno mitkaven – Questions of Intent
  5. Shabbat 88a: holding the mountain over Israel like a barrel (the validity of the covenant)
  6. Shabbat 119a: Joseph who honors Shabbat
  7. Shabbat 156b: The principle of Ein Mazal beYisrael, Israel has no astrological sign

Masechet Eiruvin

  1. Eruvin 13b: Elu ve’elu: these and those are the words of the living God

Masechet Pesahim

  1. Pesahim 66a: Hillel and the Passover sacrifice
  2. Pesahim 108a, 116a: The Passover Seder
  3. Pesahim 119b-120a: What exactly is the afikomen that we eat at the seder?

Spring 2018 or Fall 2019

Masechet Shekalim

  1. Shekalim 14b: Moses and money

Masechet Yoma

  1. Yoma 23a: Kohanim gone wild: When blood is spilled at the altar

Masechet Sukkah

  1. Sukkah 29b-30a: Can one perform a mitzvah with something stolen?

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