Women’s Leadership Institute

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Tuesday Nights 7-9pm
Date  Read Before the Session
September 12  Failure  Overcoming Setbacks, 22-26, Overview 17-18 Edmonson, 35-45
October 10  Communication  How Leaders Listen, 57-59, To Lead is to Listen, 64-67, Overview 53
November 7, 13  Joint Cohort Meeting (article will be emailed); Agency Night:  Websites of Orgs.
December 5 Community  Rabbi Jill Jacobs and Various articles, pps. 74-85
January 15  Vision and Qualities  The Sabbath, How Leaders Stay Alive pps. 88-94 Gratitude Humility 100-108
February 6  Cohorts 1, 2, 3:  Guest Speaker:  Amy Hall, Eileen Fisher Company
March 6  Mitzvah:  Articles will be given out at Feb. 6 Meeting.
April 12  Haifetz, Sacks and Zenger/Folkman, Facilitating Change  pps. 111-128
May 8  Celebration of New Leadership